Behaving in an extraordinary manner requires the application of two approaches.


Being aware of the intake and output of one’s body, mind, soul is required. Many people perform their daily tasks from habit and repetition. We drive to work the same way every day, because it does not require us to think. We don’t pay attention to the world at large, because it is easier to ignore than it is to pay attention.

Being aware of what is happening to us, what is happening to the world around us, and what is happening to the world at large are key factors in gaining wisdom. With awareness and observation, we can see the impact of our behavior – both positive and negative – understand the consequences, and modify our future behavior based on the lessons learned.


As humans, we are fascinated and engaged by stories and storytelling. It is so deep a part of our culture and history that we find new ways to wallow in stories (and gossip) every day.

Storytelling can be the inspiration for a positive impact on the world. However, without DOing something, without ACTION, stories can disappear from our world without that impact.


With awareness and action, we continue to behave in an extraordinary manner and our impact on the world around us is truly profound.

Go now, make a difference!