XO Wall of Fame: Joan Chu

Joan Chu

“She is the epitome of patience, accepting and supportive of others despite their behaviors. She is always kind to others. She is a problem solver and the best manager anyone could ask for. Because she can work with probably the hardest person in the world to work with!”

Where: Employees Health Plan
When: 2011 through the present

Submitted by Lisa July 24th, 2017

XO Wall of Fame: Lynne Bryant

Lynne Bryant

“Helping others. Selfless. She had an adopted sister who was in a spiritual, physical and emotional state of destruction. This sister was a drug addict and homeless….. and appeared hopeless. On top of that this adopted sister was 2700 miles away….. and without hesitation she attached her toyhauler trailer and headed to California to pick her up. Took me “home”. Lynne set up an apartment,  food and medical necessities. She believed in me…..when I couldn’t believe in myself. It’s been 13 months. I am clean and sober…hold down a job and grateful for my second chance.”

Where: Helena Montana
When: June 25th, 2016

Submitted by LJ July 15th, 2017

XO Wall of Fame: Abbey D’Agostino

Abbey D’Agostino

Wikipedia article:  Abbey D’Agostino

“At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she received considerable international media attention following an incident during a 5000m heat in which both she and New Zealander Nikki Hamblin fell. The two women helped each other finish the race and were allowed to compete in the final; however, D’Agostino had suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus and wasn’t able to participate further. Both athletes were praised for their sportsmanship and “Olympic spirit”,[4] and were subsequently awarded the Rio 2016 Fair Play Award by the International Fair Play Committee.[5][6]

XO Wall of Fame: Mohamed Bzeek

Mohamed Bzeek

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Man’s home is a haven for dying kids – over 80 children died there already

“Some people have such big hearts that it seems almost unbelievable. One of these folks is a man with a big bushy beard named Mohamed Bzeek. He’s taken on a very special task in life: he’s a foster father to terminally ill children who have been abandoned by their parents. Normally, these children would end their lives in a hospital, alone and abandoned. But thanks to Mohamed, they get the love, strength, warmth, and joy they deserve in their final months and days.”